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  • In recent years, with the accelerating trend of the Chinese overseas immigrants, the major Chinese settlements in the world have been formed in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and other countries. The overseas Chinese communities such as "San Gabriel", "Flushing" and "Richmond" have changed the ecology of locals. With the growing of Chinese community, the demand for various information services for Chinese people has also begun to increase.

  • T.E.F is a new type of media company focusing on global real estate services, overseas insurance, loans, lawyers, investment, overseas education, immigration, and etc. for Chinese. We mainly dedicated to use the new media formats that have emerged in recent years to provide valuable life service information to the vast number of Chinese people overseas. The core strength of T.E.F is to develop business in the industries of real estate, insurance, loans, legal services, investment, overseas education, immigration and other life service in China and Southeast Asian markets. Our headquartered is in Los Angeles, and we have the well-established branches in New York and San Francisco, providing professional services for the global Chinese communities. We also have the overseas branches in Beijing and Heilongjiang, focusing on the Chinese market. The magazine "Home" and "Real Estate News" started to be published in Los Angeles in 1998 and 2010, and distributed to buyers and real estate traders. At the beginning of 2018, T.E.F expanded its social media marketing services and launched the website "" in 2020. It has 200,000 followers, covering the United States, China and other Chinese communities around the world. T.E.F is devoted to provide the services for Chinese speaking people in all over the world.

  • In the past 20 years, T.E.F has attracted 200,000 followers and 30,000 real estate professionals to join our network. In addition, we planned a special VIP group for selected high-end properties. The huge users and the multimedia platform make T.E.F uniquely,we can promote the project to the areas of the world where are usually inaccessible for others. In addition, T.E.F have teams of experienced marketing consultants, developers, designers, photographers and editors. We also have a professional Chinese and English virtual assistant (VA) team.

  • T.E.F will continue to provide you with valuable information services, help you in a new life in a new environment, and fulfill your dream of high-quality overseas migration.

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